Den from Outdoor Hounds on a group walk for dogs

Outdoor Hounds - Dog Group walks Group Walks

Outdoor Hounds offer two or three group walks a day Monday to Friday. All walks are 90 minutes and are ideal for socialised dogs.

Stimulating and exercising your dog is the recipe to a happy, relaxed & healthy dog. Our 90 minute walks will be full of adventure & fun, invigorating for all senses. Walks are diverse to keep your dog enthused and engaged.

To ensure a good gang dynamic, dogs are grouped according to ‘best fit’ where breed, training level, personality and behaviours are considered. With pick-up and drop-off, your dog could be with us for up to 3 hours.

The benefits of group dog walks are huge. Your dog will further develop their communication skills, build confidence and as dogs are more active in groups, will improve overall fitness. Being in a small group also allows us to give more attention to your dogs individual requirements.

The advantages of expending more energy on a longer walk will help reduce any hyperactivity, destructive behaviour, frustration, aggression, & boredom and will allow your dog to be relaxed, sleepy and happy until their next walk. To enable your dog to have the best possible walk & with your permission, your dog will be walked off lead.

Dogs enjoying weekend walks by the river

Outdoor Hounds - Weekend Walks Saturday Walks

Saturday morning walks offer your dog the same benefits as all our other walks but are really designed to allow you to go to that special event, social engagement, shopping trip or simply have a duvet day and know that your dog is still having a fun and energetic walk. These exuberant 90 minute or 2 hour walks will mean your dog will be happy and relaxed when returned home. There is also a 2 hour hike on most Bank Holidays.

Woody Double Walks

Double Walks is a fun packed half day with a minimum of three hours walking. Your dog will join the Outdoor Hounds gang on two walks and including pick-up and drop off could be with me for up to 6 hours. We offer both morning or afternoon doubles. Each walk is 90 minutes long and are in varied locations.The early morning walk starts between 7.30 and 7.45 is perfect for those whose owners commute or simply don’t have time for an early morning walk. The early walk is a particular favourite for the dogs, as there are plenty of fresh overnight smells and there is no waiting for a mid-morning or lunchtime walk….. this means your dog will come back nice and relaxed for the day.


Alternative Daycare Alternative Daycare

This service is a great alternative to daycare. Your dog will join me on two walks during the day…. the first starting around 7.45 am and the second just after 1pm. This allows your dog to rest back at your home between walks whilst not having long periods of time on their own. Walks are in varied locations.

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